Euclidean War

War cuts through the Geoverse as the Hedra and Quadrics fight for spatial dominance. The Hedra are rigid and wear their faces upon sharp edges and vertices. Their constructions are strong and can withstand heavy assaults. The Quadrics are elegant and smooth as they sweep through spacetime. They are agile as well as immaculately precise. The two geometries fight relentlessly, aiming to claim as much of the Geoverse as they can.

However, new geometries have emerged that threaten both the Hedra and Quadrics alike. The Fractal are a rogue geometry that are forcefully consuming the Geoverse. They do not abide by the same axioms as the Hedra and Quadrics, and are mysteriously formidable foes.

Euclidean War is an open-source tabletop wargame. Geared towards new and veteran wargamers alike, Euclidean War provides a simple yet difficult to optimize ruleset, mathematically driven from its core. The game is meant to be accessible to all, namely by eliminating expensive barriers to entry.

Much more to come!

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