Fate Erased

In the before time Chaos reigned supreme. During this timeless age the Stars were born, and with them they brought Order. Randomness ceased and the Chaos became stagnant. Its fate had been sealed…

On Gaia the story of everyone is told by the Stars. Every act of love, war, and otherwise are all written into fate by the Stars themselves. Weavers are gifted individuals capable of speaking with the Stars. They learn of the fate of the people of Gaia and steer the world to a better state as best they can. For millenia this is the way, until a weaver learns of a horrible tragedy to befell their love. Unaccepting of fate, the weaver swears to unwrite the history to come and rips the stars from the sky. The night sky flickers out, and chaos bursts back into existence. Fate is no more, and for the first time no one knows what is coming next.

Fight the forces of Chaos and restore Order to the universe!

Fate Erased is an traditional RPG about the stars and about making hard choices. Astronomy, astrology, and cosmology drive the intricate lore of Fate Erased. Players are compelled to make decisions that challenge their notion of what the right action is. Much will be out of your control, but it is your goal to restore order to Gaia!

Much more to come!

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